Student Representative Role Information

EIT Student Association (EITSA) Representatives

Your Student Representatives provide an important link between the student body and EIT and the EIT Students’ Association.


Student Representative Information

  • Each School will have 1 representative
  • The Student Representative will speak for the students enrolled in their School
  • Meetings for representatives are held every 6 weeks with lunch provided by the Students Association
  • As Student Representative you will learn about governance and representation, and
  • Be a leader for your school of study
  • You will share your fellow peers concerns, issues and feedback with the Students Association, and
  • Be the contact for your peers in your school of study

Why have Student Reps?

Advocacy and Representation are central to the work of EITSA. Student Reps from each School will play a vital role in providing a voice within the EIT community. On the basis of gaining such experience at representation, Student Reps may in time consider seeking nomination for a paid position on the Students’ Association Board. While participating students will gain experience in business administration, strategic planning and decision-making, the Student’s Association will benefit from a continuous roll-over of experienced Board members.

How do you become a Student Representative?




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