The Students Association offers a range of services and products for EIT students.*


Student Amenities Building

Come and relax here with us during your break. Heat up your lunch in the microwaves, have a coffee, plug your laptop into the couch pods, watch some telly and put your feet up.

A wee slice of heaven during the study week.


Get topped up

Stay in touch with your mates (and your mum) and get topped up at EITSA.We have Vodafone, Telecom, Skinny and 2 degrees top up vouchers available from EITSA starting from $10.


National and International Rechargeable Phone Cards

Whether your friends and family live far away (China) or not too far but far enough (Palmy) EITSA can help you stay in touch! We have National and International calling cards available which you can keep topping up.

No minimum top up.


Free Student Phone

Ran out the door and forgot to feed Mr Muffins? Need to call Studylink? The kids? Your boss?

Relax.... Use our free student phone for any local calls. Or use your National or International calling card.

Fair use policy applies.


Cash outs

We are your student friendly ATM. Need some parking money? Only have $5 but the ATM will only let you get out $10? All good! EITSA can do cash outs for even the smallest change with no fees!


Get the Hawke’s Bay Today TODAY (and tomorrow)

Stay informed with the daily news. Pick up your free Hawke’s Bay Today from EITSA delivered at 8am, 10am and 12pm.


Photocopying, Binding and Laminating

Get your assignments sorted and looking great. EITSA offers photocopying, binding and laminating cheaper than anywhere else on campus!

Whether you need one black and white copy or one hundred colour copies with laminating and binding.

We’ll get you sorted. You do all the hard work and we'll put it all together for you.

(Laminating only available at EITSA Hawke's Bay)


But wait there's more!

We also offer faculty sponsorship, dry cleaning services, have access to clubs and sports clubs information and sell parking permits. We can help you with budget advice, Student Job Search, WINZ and we have some great student discount offers available to you around town.

So keep your student ID with you at all times.


*Please note that not all of the services listed are available at the Tairawhiti campus. For more information please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at EITSA.




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