Students may need support from time to time and in one way or another. Many will take advantage of the Association's Advocacy Service. The Advocate can represent you at any level of interaction with EIT academic staff or in dealings with an outside entity like WINZ or Studylink.

The Advocacy Service is provided by the Students’ Association and balances student interests with the academic standards and integrity of EIT. The Student Advocate assists students to resolve academic grievances, Study Link queries, enrolment issues, issues with EIT regulations and policies, and other concerns affecting their study at EIT.

This is achieved through assisting students to clarify their grievances and what they wish to do to put matters right. The Student Advocate aims to empower students to resolve their concerns at the earliest opportunity, but if required, supports them to work towards longer term resolution of issues through an established procedure. This may include mediation, assistance with drafting appeal applications and representation before Faculty Academic Committees.

Some examples of where the Advocate may assist are:

  • Appeals against academic decisions
  • Complaints about unacceptable behaviour
  • Dishonest practice & discipline hearings
  • Assessment issues (including allegations of plagiarism)
  • Harassment
  • considerations for special assessment circumstances e.g. sickness
  • Advice about EIT policy and procedures, and interpretation of the Academic statutes
  • Advice about the Ombudsman

The Advocate can also work with students to resolve issues in dealing with various community agencies;


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Contact your Student Advocate

Mark Maxwell
EITSA General Manager
Hawkes Bay

Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ph: 06 974 8000 ext 6058

Nicky More
Student Advocate

Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ph: 06 869 0810 xtn 7711

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