The association serves its members by acting as the voice of the student body, advocating student issues, and promoting the social, cultural, recreational and educational interests of students on all Eastern Institute of Technology campuses including online students. Our vision is to create a student environment that empowers and supports all students of the Eastern Institute of Technology to achieve their training, and educational goals.



The Student Advocate assists students to resolve academic grievances, Study Link queries, enrolment issues, issues with EIT regulations and policies, and other concerns affecting their study at EIT.

The Student Advocate aims to empower students to resolve their concerns at the earliest opportunity, but if required, supports them to work towards longer term resolution of issues through established procedures. This may include mediation, assistance with drafting appeal applications and representation before Faculty Academic Committees.

The Advocate also works with students to resolve issues in dealing with various community agencies e.g. WINZ, IRD, and Tenancy Tribunals.



EITSA provides a democratic voice for all students at EIT by representing them through working relationships with EIT and other outside organizations. Students are able to express concerns or views relating to their education through the Student Associations representatives on various boards and committees. Student representation through EITSA allows the student representative to have understanding of the structure and processes of EIT so issues are raised at the appropriate level.

EITSA representatives also build relationships in the community to broker discounts, deals, and opportunities for students enrolled at EIT.


Social (Events, Sports and Recreation)

To help students achieve the necessary study/life balance required to succeed EITSA provides recreational activities/facilities. EITSA runs a variety of events throughout the student calendar to cater for the wide range of cultures, age groups, and interests in the student body. These range from large events to short lunchtime events. The student café areas at Taradale and Tairāwhiti provided by EIT make relaxing central areas for students to gather and unwind. The events help to grow campus life and create an atmosphere where students can get to know one another and be proud to tell people about the lifestyle they have while studying at EIT. The facilities include a shop that provides drinks, snacks, phone cards, book binding, phone top ups and Eftpos.


EIT Student Association Membership

EITSA membership is free to all Eastern Institute of Technology students. However, if you do not wish to be a part of the Association, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and student ID number to opt out.

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